Featured Recipe: Beer braised slowed cooked brisket taco’s - Westmalle – Dubbel

  • 23 September 2020
  • Moor Market
  • Servings: 4-6

Beer-braised slowed cooked brisket taco’s

Perfect for a family feast or night with friends; a succulent beef dish that can be mixed and matched to any taste.


For the brisket:

1kg rolled brisket joint

200ml Westmalle Dubbel

35g taco seasoning (Can be shop bought or 1 tbsp chilli powder, ¼ tsp garlic powder, ¼ tsp onion powder, ¼ tsp red pepper flakes, ½ tsp paprika, 1.5 tsp cumin, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper and ¼ oregano)

For the tacos:

12 taco shells

Mozzarella cheese

Spring Onions, red peppers, jalapenos (Topping optional for personal taste)

Sour cream, salsa and guacamole


  1. Add beef to slow cooker (can flash seal if wanted) sprinkle taco seasoning over and add Westmalle Dubbel, cook for low for 9 – 10 hours.
  2. Remove from slow cooker, stand for 10 minutes and shred using two forks
  3. Cook taco shells, in a preheated oven Gas mark 4,180 ⁰C, 360⁰F for 2 minutes
  4. Add beef to tacos shells, top with cheese and other fillings as liked

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