Trader Applications

Markets can provide an excellent starting point for small businesses.  We have a team of staff who can work with you to set up your stall with a variety of support on offer depending upon which type of market you wish to have a stall in.

If you are interested in becoming a trader at one of our markets please complete the application form on this page or give the team a call on 0114 273 5281.

We look forward to hearing from you.

First, which market are you applying for?

Section A

Application Information

This section of the application form is for information relating to the person submitting the application.


You may be asked to provide Photographic ID such as Passport or Driving License and Utility Bill/s etc.

Section B

Business Information

This section of the application form should provide information relating to the Business being put forward to trade in the market. Where this information is same as above please state "AS ABOVE"

Please list all owners/partners and contact details

Owner/Partner 1

Owner/Partner 2

Owner/Partner 3

Owner/Partner 4

Is this a new business?

If NO, how long has the business been established?

What is the VAT number of the company? (if applicable)

Which public liability Insurance will you have in place NMTF or other? (please state)

Website of Business (if applicable)

Please provide detailed information about the products/services that you wish to sell (Please include any photographic evidence that demonstrates how your products/services will be presented or displayed, sample menus using the supplied upload fields) Include any weaknesses or strengths that may affect your business and how you will address them.

What Training will staff have? (please include copies of any relevant documents/certificates)

If selling food

Are you registered as a food business?

If YES, please state with which authority you are registered with

Are you aware of where your produce is grown/produced/sourced?

Please state

Are you affiliated with any recognised Food Group?

Please state

Please attach a copy of your Food Hygiene Certificate with this application form

Section C


Sheffield Markets are keen to promote sustainability and therefore new businesses will be required to provide a detailed forecast of their future income and expenditure within their application. All existing businesses must provide information relating to their current financial standing. This must include a profit and loss sheet for the last 12 months, highlighting both fixed/capital costs and operational revenues.

Please state your projected annual surplus expressed as a total percentage of turnover for the first year's trading


Source of Funds

Describe source of funds i.e. Business loan, savings

Costs of setting up your business


Section D

Processes and Procedures


What methods of payment do you plan to accept?


What is your refund policy?


How will complaints be dealt with?


How do you plan to market your business, would you also be interested in joint marketing campaigns with other traders etc?

Business Development and Growth

Describe your short, medium and long term plans for your business

Section E

Stall Requirements

This section of the application is to provide information about the space requirements of the business including the number of stalls requested. Each standard stall is 3m x 3m (approx. 10ft x 10ft) and you may wish to consider grouping two or more stalls together to create a larger unit.

Stall rents do not include Service Charges, Utility Charges, VAT or Business Rates, all of which remain the responsibility of the business. Stall rents will be reviewed annually.

How many stalls are you applying for?

Storage/warehouses are also available, these will accrue additional charges and should be taken into consideration in your financial planning.

If storage/warehouses required, please indicate the amount needed

Please Identify the Utilities/Services that your business will require

If OTHER, please specify

Describe how the stall will be fitted out, please attach any images, drawings or photographs

Section F


Please provide names and contact details for two references Trade suppliers are preferred but please note that if your application is successful a credit reference will also be obtained.

Reference 1

Reference 2