Beer Central


Set within the Moor Market, Beer Central is Sheffield’s busiest city-centre beer shop where a friendly approach to customer service is the order of the day.

Sean actually had the idea to open his own shop in the place where most good ideas are formed… in the pub. One evening back in 2012, sitting in The Sheffield Tap, he was bemoaning the city centre’s lack of places to buy smart beers to take home. This was at the same time as the new Moor Market was due to open, so he said good-bye to his job as a teacher and decided to give it a go himself.

Despite the whirlwind effort of getting everything ready, Sean and co-owner Deborah Jackson opened Beer Central the same day the new market opened its doors in November 2013. The subsequent years have brought great success, a string of awards and a band of loyal customers who really do make it all worthwhile. “Selling beer & chatting to amazing people really is a dream job and we love every minute of every day, lucky to do what we do”.

Today Beer Central stocks 350+ beers that range from traditional classics to new & unusual offerings. “We don’t play it safe when choosing stock, so we tend to have things that other stockists might not consider,” explains Sean. “We like to have the right product for whoever walks through our doors, whether it’s someone looking for a local Best Bitter or a craft beer enthusiast wanting to try the latest DIPA or Imperial Stout.”

The business uses social media extensively to keep in touch with its customers. People keep an eye on what comes in and then they request a beer or two to be added to their order box. The box can then remain at the shop as they keep adding to it whenever new things arrive, so they end up with a totally personalised box of beer that is ready when they are. The ultimate in simplicity, convenience and choice, this system has won over hundreds of beer lovers across the city and beyond.

With a city-centre location that is hard to beat, customer-focused flexibility and the very best beers you can get, Beer Central is playing a strong role in keeping Sheffield firmly on the British beer map.

Trading Area: In the Main Entrance

Trading Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday