I – Minter Basi - think of myself as a “people’s person”. I always wanted to run my own business and, when I first got into the family fashion business in the old Sheaf Market, in 1990, it was a great opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis.

In 1999 we were relocated to Castle Market, where we built up a good customer base. When the Moor Market opened last year, we relocated to a double unit there, where we now trade as Mint.

I sell menswear, mainly casual clothing items, including American streetwear and outdoor clothing. We stock quality goods from brands such as Brave Soul, Crosshatch and D-Rock, all at value prices.

We offer the chance to pick up the latest trends or one-off unique items, all at the best prices.

Trading Area: Close to the food court, on the side of the market

Trading Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday