Lemongrass Thai Street Food

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a Thai woman, my partner helped me to set up my own shop so I may work for myself, after a while I decided to try my hand at a café, this has always been an ambition of mine. So I opened Lemongrass Thai Street food to bring authentic street food to the people of Sheffield.


Tell us about your business?

I have Lemongrass since October 2017, there are a few people working with me, it is a unique business because it is as close as you can get to street food in Thailand.


What do you sell?

We sell Thai Street food, our most unusual product has to be Dorian, smelliest fruit in the world.

We do a set lunch express menu but also have an extensive a la carte menu.

Why your stall?

It’s a great opportunity to try Thai food and we can cater for any ones taste, my stall is different from the rest and is very colourful you can’t miss it.

Trading Area: I am café unit 10 in the café area

Trading Days: Monday to Saturday