Alaoma Food Hub

I’m Mildred Okpara and I’m a young woman with a flair for cooking.

I’m a qualified chef with a background in trading, and I decided to set up this business selling Afro-Caribbean food items as well as products from India, the West Indies and Africa.

We bake African-textured hard dough bread and speciality pastries such as Chin Chin and Puff Puff. We also sell fresh vegetables such as ugwu, oha and countless others that I’d recommend anyone to try.

In addition, we offer catering and event management services.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we keep regular customers up to date with new products through a text messaging service. We also offer great value for money on all our products.

Trading Area: Close to the loading bay entrance

Trading Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday