Sweet Shack

Sweets glorious sweets! If you’re got a sweet tooth, then you’ll never be disappointed at Sweet Shack. Name your favourite sugar snack and we probably sell it.  Find all your old favourites and discover a new one too.

Our local family business has been trading for over 15 years after we started with just £100 of stock. From Acid Drops to Pear Drops, Liquorice to Lollipops and everything in between – our array of colourful jars and bountiful shelves are bound to hold a favourite sweet treat from your past or present.  Whether it’s an indulgent treat you’re looking for, or a lovely gift for a special person – Sweet Shack will be sure to put a sugary smile on your lips.

We also offer personalised chocolates for Weddings and special occasions – wedding favours, mini love hearts and miniature chocolate bars.  Our mint flavoured chocolate Neapolitans are perfect as an exquisite personalised after dinner treat, complete with your special message.

Trading Area: Find us at Unit 76 in the red zone opposite Pinders Schoolwear

Trading Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday