• 24 February 2023
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Rak Mak Mak (which in Thai means "love a lot") is the new (well nearly) Thai Supermarket in the Moor. Previously known as Lemongrass, the business was taken over by Ploy when the previous owner decided to sell.

Retaining the same core product range alongside adding new items regularly, Ploy aims to serve this city's diverse community and to supply customers' culinary needs.

Utilising various importers, the business will supply fresh vegetables and dry goods and ingredients from South East Asia. Ploy is conscious about keeping her pricing keen and attractive to customers, and student discounts are offered. For regular customers, loyalty cards are available.

Ploy is very determined to offer a warm and accomodating service and she will always help with any advice on recipes, and she doesn't mind a friendly chat when possible.

She will always go out of her way to order bespoke items and offers a local delivery service