The meaning of flowers on Mother's Day

  • 5 March 2018
  • Moor Market

Sunday 11th March is Mother's Day - a day we excitedly plan how best to show our Mums what they mean to us.  Although busy, Karon Breckon from Meadowhead Flowers in the Moor Market has agreed to be our guest blogger, and tell us her thoughts on how flowers can have real meaning on this special day....

Like many traditions Mothering Sunday began with a religious purpose, held on the 4th Sunday in Lent. As early as the 16th Century it was a day to honour the Virgin Mary, with families returning home and coming together in their ‘Mother’ church to celebrate. Whilst this day had a devout following by 1935 it was celebrated less and less. During WWII, the American and Canadians celebrated Mothers’ Day, (a tradition established in their countries in 1908), feeling a need to give thanks whilst away fighting. We followed suit and so Mother's Day evolved and today has pride of place on our calendar.

It’s been a tradition to spoil Mum on this day. Often with a stunning bouquet - and when you understand what the flowers and their colours mean, you will understand why they are so vibrant. Carnations are thought to represent the virtues of Motherhood signifying purity, faith, love, beauty and charity. Having these qualities it is easy to see how a Mum puts her children before her. Interestingly white carnations are flowers to honour a mum no longer with us.  Gerberas symbolise innocence, purity and beauty, it represents cheerfulness stemming from its welcoming appearance and the many varied colours.  Tulips belong in her bouquet if Mum is light hearted and easy going; these flowers represent cosiness, comfort and happiness. Roses are always associated with love and will look elegant in any bouquet. 

I think most Mum’s have all of these qualities but I confess on occasions they could be absent in mine….I might have had some bearing on their disappearance!

Colours are crucial and we often choose the bouquet colour based on Mum’s favourite colour or to match the décor, probably not entirely clear on the meanings associated with the colours we choose. Pink represents gratitude and love; red signifies gratitude and appreciation, yellow means friendship and joy and white means purity and joy. These are real favourites for Mother’s Day. However the other colours in the rainbow can also make an appearance for example dark blue means integrity, purple is associated with wisdom, lavender symbolises grace and elegance, and green meaning generosity.

Looking at the associations of all these colours, I am sure you would want them all in your bouquet and what a spectacle it would be!! A hand-picked bouquet with real meaning.

We are Meadowhead Flowers @Moor Market and will be offering a handpicked bouquet service as well as bouquets already made up and ready to go. We will also be providing a delivery service and we are taking orders for deliveries now. Please get in touch or come and see us, we would be happy to make sure your bouquet says what you want it to say.

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