• 2 August 2016
  • Moor Market

Yourkshire Day maybe over, but the Marvellous Moor Market Treasure Hunt continues! 

There are many treasures hiding in the market but can
you find the following items within the market hall?
Tick them off as you find them.

  • A Yorkshire brewed beer
  • A quail egg
  • A bike filled with flowers
  • A ball of wool
  • Four foods from four different countries
  • Oven bottom rolls
  • Three places that sell potatoes
  • A way of telling the time
  • A swordfish
  • A flashing star
  • A pork pie
  • A football fact from 1966
  • A picture of a 99 ice-cream
  • Three different fruits or vegetables that start with the letter 'A'
  • Red gingham fabric
  • A place you can buy a nice cup of tea…
  • … you’ve earnt it!

*leaflets and prizes are available at the customer information desl*

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