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  • 1 July 2015
  • Moor Market

One recent Saturday the weather was gorgeous in Sheffield, so my husband and I decided to head down to the Moor Market to stock up on goodies for an evening barbecue. I have been to the market a few times before, as I work just up the road, but this was my husband’s first trip. I think it’s safe to say he was very impressed that we have such a great market hall in the city with an amazing array of goods on offer.

As the sunshine was on our side, we walked down to the market from our house in Crookes. First of all, we wandered around different butchers’ stalls, as there were just so many to choose from. We were also pretty overwhelmed by the amount of choice on offer – we are obviously too used to supermarkets which, despite having much more space that a stall, seem to have a much more limited choice! In the end we decided to stick to the BBQ basics of burgers and sausages, and to buy different things from a couple of stalls. We bought 10 pork sausages from Mick’s Grade A Meats for £3.50, plus real steak burgers from Dean’s Family Butchers for 40p each.

Of course no BBQ is complete without some decent burger buns, so it was off to the Turner’s Bakery stall to buy some of those. We got a dozen for £1.80, and couldn’t resist the fruit scones they had on display as well, at four for £1. I couldn’t believe the big bag we came away from the Turner’s stall with, having spent only £2.80. Such a bargain. We could also definitely have spent more on their tasty-looking cakes, but managed to resist.

We then headed to get some fruit and veg at Fruit Fayre. I snapped up two punnets of strawberries for £1.50, with the plan of adding them with some cream to the chocolate cake my mother-in-law was bringing over that evening. What a great decision that was – the combination was so tasty, and even after five of us having dessert, we still have a whole punnet of strawberries left to enjoy through the week.

The BBQ was a big success – we had the two different types of burgers and both went down really well. We added to that hot dogs, chicken kebabs, and then topped up with a green salad, potatoes, pesto pasta salad and cous-cous. It tasted even better knowing that we had bought almost all of the ingredients from our local market on the same day, and I for one will definitely be coming back to the market the next time we have a BBQ to prepare for. It was such great value, there was an amazing range of choice, and everything is under one roof.

We will definitely be heading back to the Moor Market soon. Have you ever been to the Market? If not, you should give it a go as you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’re a market regular, what are your favourite stalls? I would love your tips so I know which ones to try on my next visit.

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