Hungry Buddha

  • 21 January 2019
  • Moor Market

At Hungry Buddha we decide on our menu daily based around what is locally available and fresh. Because of this our morning starts early. We, trawl the Moor Market enjoying ther conversation and banter with the local traders, picking our produce for the day.

In Nepal we would haggle and barter as part of the fun of buying and selling. It’s in  the blood and upbringing of a Nepali and is expected in the markets. Here at the Moor Market life is a little different, they would wonder what we were doing if we went around haggling on price. It is however a good, friendly community, with traders helping each other where they can.

Community is the philosophy for Hungry Buddha. We want to create a feeling of belonging through food. A community where you can eat fresh, quality food you love, with a regularly changing menu, all provided with good conversation and pleasant friendly service.

My country, Nepal, is a country where community is at it’s the heart. Travellers often say that they return from Nepal ‘changed’. Despite the harsh environments they encounter and physical challenges, somehow they carry the experience of warmth, spirituality and kindness in their hearts, which touches people at the level of spirit.

Food is always offered in Nepal to the visitor or traveller, no matter how little a person has, they will always offer food. This won’t be a sophisticated fancy banquet, but a sincere and honest offering, usually traditional Dal Bhat, which is lentils and rice and tarkari (curried vegetable) served with achars (chutneys) otherwise known as the ‘holy trinity’.

As a Nepali living in the UK I missed that sincere and humble offering and the community which sharing food creates. Hungry Buddha hopes to bring a little pocket of that spirit to the people of Sheffield, with an honest offering of flavorsome, subtly spiced, fresh Nepalese food giving you the real Nepalese food experience.

(Our food is not heavy because we don’t use butter, ghee or cream in our cooking and it is is free of preservatives, additives and colouring.)

Produced by

Dev Gurung

Chef and Founder of Hungry Buddha

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