7 Reasons to Love your Moor Market.

  • 27 September 2016
  • Moor Market

We have the largest group of independent retailers in the region

Everything from Nepalese cuisine to craft beers and more! If you’re looking for shopping experience while you pick up your quality fruit and veg, the Moor Market should be your first and last stop.

 Your traders

Our traders are knowledgeable and passionate about the products/produce they are selling. If you have a question it’s most likely they can answer it. Not only do they live and breathe their craft they are your traders, your mates! It’s not often the guy in the supermarket will ask after your nan and granddad, and tell you stories of your parents running around the old castle market.


The weird & the wonderful

Where else can you buy a Thai Durian, British sausages and some new curtains in the same place?


Events every month

There’s always an event in the pipeline for the Moor Market. You have to attend our tea dance on the last Thursday of every month for live music, dancing, and so much more!


For something different

A coffee-cart on wheels, a stall dedicated to fashionable toddler footwear, and clothing and accessories handmade by the Massai tribe. Your eyes will be opened by the amazing products we have on offer!


Something for everyone

Whether you’re looking a wardrobe update or finishing off your weekly shop; there’s something for everyone to do in the Moor Market.


Start your future!

The Moor Market is a fantastic opportunity to start a new business, big or small, with spaces ranging from our permanent stalls to our traditional market barrows, there’s something for everyone to finally get that idea of the ground! Craft, food, fashion, café, butchers, fishmongery, you name it, we can most likely accommodate it and at amazingly low rates too.

7 Reasons to love you Moor Market! 

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