Sheffield Christmas Markets

The Sheffield Christmas market is always a particular highlight of the year for the city. The Sheffield Xmas markets are perfect for those looking to celebrate the festive season in style - with a number of different locations where you can partake in the fun.

Running throughout November and December, you’ll be able to find Christmas market stalls across areas including Walkley, Green Estate, Handsworth and Heeley. The Farrars Funfairs based at Fargate and the Peace Gardens will also be thriving with activity, to trade on this Christmas Market you will need to contact Julie on

At the time, specialist wooden cabins stocked with a host of goodies readily line the streets - with fantastic choice available on sweets, treats and craft products. Decorative gifts and handmade trinkets are always in plentiful supply too, so you’ll have lots of inspiration for some spontaneous purchases.

The food stalls are also sure to be worth a visit, with plenty of festive grub there to warm your belly. In addition, some of the city’s more iconic locations will also receive a makeover - the Sheffield Victorian Christmas market in Kelham Island is sure to draw plenty of interest.

Always a highlight in terms of Christmas markets in South Yorkshire, you can find out more below:

Sheffield Christmas Markets 2015

Licenced events for November 2015:

Friday November 13th

Saturday November 14th

Sunday November 15th

Monday November 16th

Tuesday November 17th

Wednesday November 18th

Thursday November 19th

Friday November 20th

 Saturday November 21st

Sunday November 22nd

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Monday November 30th

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