Featured Recipe: Pork Loin Cooked in Apple Juice

  • 22 September 2016
  • Skill Level: Easy

Pork loin from Morley’s Meats – Unit 6-7

Apples from Peak Fruit and Veg – Units 1, 44-45

Stuffing mix and seasoning from Value Foods – Units 46-50

This recipe was created for The Market Place at Crystal Peaks by Chef Luke Rhodes , Senior Sous Chef from Halifax Hall.


Pork loin joint

Apple Juice

2 Granny Smiths apples

2 Cox Apples

2 sage leaves

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Stuffing mix


Season pork Joint

Seal pork joint in a frying pan for 2-3mins each side on a high heat

Dice apples into quarters and place in bottom of roasting tin

Place pork joint on to of apples crackling side up

Add 2 sage leaves to roasting tin

Fill with apple juice until pork joint is half submerged

Roast in oven on 180c accordingly dependant on joint size

After cooking rest meat before slicing and add any leftover juice in roasting tin to stuffing mix and bake for 10mins.

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