• 4 July 2022


We all know that getting out in the fresh air is good for us. And National Picnic Month is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors with a bit of al fresco dining. The precise history of picnics is a bit shrouded, but it appears as though they originated way back in the 1800’s, possibly in France.

But history aside, on a sunny day in July sitting with family, friends, partners and maybe a tipple with the crunch of a sandwich; that does sound quite nice. There is a quiet charm to throwing out a blanket and settling down to eat some simple food in the sun with the whisper of a breeze.

The swatting away of flies and the peeking for ants, maybe not so, but it is all part of the experience.

Of course, the main thing you need for a picnic is food, glorious food. And with a wander round our Moor Market’s food stalls, you can find everything you need, and more.

If you start with your simple and classic sandwich you need your fresh bread. For your fillings we have a large choice of deli style cooked meats, cheeses and spreads. With four businesses selling salads you have plenty of choice for stacking on a sandwich or popping a mixture in a tub with a suitable dressing. How about some olives and stuffed peppers as a side dish? Be different and grab some fishy finger food with prawns and lobster tails. You can get some summer fruit; strawberries (and cream as a classic) or sit back and snack on some healthy nuts. And to finish things off we have beer a plenty. No prosecco unfortunately; I know, we’d love some as well.

Your options are many so when the next heatwave hits you know where to come and do your picnic shopping.

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