5 things you’ll need for the first day back!

  • 26 August 2016
  • Crystal Peaks

So, the kids are going back to school after a long and glorious summer. Rejoice! However, are you prepared?

Let’s get prepared with The Market Place.

The Market Place at Crystal Peaks is going to make sure you and your children are ready for that pivotal first day back at school with our ‘5 things you’ll need for the first day back!’.


Shopping list:

  • Uniform

  • Bag

  • Stationary

  • A hair-cut

  • Lunch



Getting back to the nine to five, or eight to three where the kids are concerned, can be tricky but we all have to do it. Now, we don’t have much time left (about a week!!), so, we’ve put together a little shopping list to make this whole process a little easier.


First on the list, THE UNIFORM!

Little tommy has shot up over the summer and no longer fits into his uniform from last year. Oh no! Don’t fret about it, Pinders in The Market Place has just about every uniform you can imagine in most sizes meaning your kids are going to be looking prim and proper for the first day back.


Right, Little Tommy has his uniform. Check. Now he needs somewhere to keep all of his day-to-day school equipment. In 2016 our kids don’t carry bags that aren’t ‘in’! Accompany, The Market Place’s only stall dedicated to the trendiest bags perfect for your kids to take their lunch, P.E. kit, and stationary to school in style. At those prices you could even stretch to a little treat for yourself. What about a new bag for work?


So, we’ve got the uniform, the bag, but nothing for Little Tommy to actually do his work with! Where Next? Richard's Cards, of course! Richard’s Cards is a greetings card specialist, but they also have an amazing back-to-school stationary range perfect to fill up that new book bag you’ve just purchased from Accompany.


Almost there! Little Tommy has his uniform, book-bag, and stationary so far. The last thing to go with his new smart school uniform is a much needed hair-cut. Two of the best hair-dressers in Crystal Peaks is situated right here in The Market Place! Scissorhands and Directors Cuts have a team of industry professionals ready and armed with the latest trends in hair today, and with prices starting at just £7 for kids they are sure to be the best value for money! With Tommy’s haircut starting at just £7 we might have some money left for another little treat for ourselves!


We’ve just about ticked everything off the list and all that’s left now is the school lunch. Going to the big name supermarkets can cost a fortune! While we’re in the market why not have a look around at our food, drink and confectionary stalls. Value Foods, F.A. Smith & Sons, Sweet Shack, Peak Fruit and Vegetables have everything to give Little Tommy his balanced and nutritious lunch at school.


One shopping trip and we’re ready to get back into the routine! Now all that’s left to do is get home, put your feet up, stick the telly on and think about all that money you’ve just saved using The Market Place at Crystal Peaks.   

Thanks for reading and thanks for shopping with us here at The Market Place at Crystal Peaks.

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